Your exposure to web3

Built on TPRO
ETH / TPROLiquidity Pair
$ Current Price
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
$ Market Cap

How to claim?

Connect your wallet, enter the “claim” tab and smash the “claim” button to receive your tokens.

Learn How To Claim

How to stake?

Purchase $TPRO, approve the smart contract, click the “stake” button and sign the transaction on your MetaMask.

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TPRO Token

Your exposure to web3

Staking TPRO token gives you many proftis

Fees from instant claiming

Tokens received from projects that we build for

Tokens bought back from 5% of company income

Tokens from company treasury

10% tokens bought from investments

Special discounts for conferences organized by

Increasing value by burning TPRO quarterly based on company income
Staking Levels

Level 2


$500 on 1 months lock

LEVEL1 + TPRO Tokens bought back from 5% of company income


Level 3


$1 000 on 2 months lock

LEVEL2 + TPRO Token Fees from instant claiming


Level 4


$2 000 on 3 months lock

LEVEL3 + Tokens received from projects that we build for. 100% tokens from our advisory go to our holders


Level 5


$5 000 on 6 months lock

LEVEL4 + 10% of tokens bought from investments


Level 6


10M TPRO Tokens on 12 months lock

LEVEL5 + access to private rounds of projects that we build for. 100% of allocations go to TPRO VIP holders.


If you lock minimum of 10M TPRO tokens for at least 1 year

For our commited long term holders, we’ve preapred something unique

Access to private funding rounds of projects that we build forHigher priority and better conditions if you are also our clientAccess to all VIP networking events

One single investment in TPRO token
gives unlimited profits in the web3 world.

Big Blue Face (
Investment Rules

No vesting period

100% of your tokens are ready to be claimed

But you have two options

Move tokens to the staking pool, lock them and get proportional rewards


Claim whatever amount you want instantly and pay the fee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We decided to introduce the claiming fee instead of the vesting period. Thanks to that, our investors have more control over the tokens. They can claim them whenever they want, paying for early claiming or waiting until the fee period ends.
  • This exceptional level allows you to participate in the 2-year Web3 Adoption Program. It’s designed in the Learn&Earn model - you can learn about web3 and gain rewards. We are launching the Program in Q4. Stay tuned!
  • Enter the Uniswap and buy it here. For more significant amounts, there is also an option of conducting the OTC (Over The Counter) transaction. If you are interested, we can help with that. Just contact us via discord or Twitter.
  • No, if the tokens are locked in a particular staking level, there is no option to redeem them earlier.
  • Yes, rewards are automatically sent to Your wallet via airdrop
  • We decided not to develop the farming option at the current state of the market. However, we will consider it in the future.
  • Yes! The longer you stake, the more profits you get. That’s because your share in the reward pool is increasing logarithmically from 10% to 150%, depending on the staking period.

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